Be the best!  Together Everyone Accomplishes More (T.E.A.M)!  You have or maybe you haven't heard these words before, but as a Yellow Jacket, you’ll live by them. Not just on the field but in the classroom, the lab, or anywhere else our engineers have their minds into. We fight for the team, leaving it all on the field as well as in the classroom, whether be taking an exam or presenting a project, empowering one another and building a culture for Georgia Tech men’s lacrosse.  We wear the "GT" proudly, as a symbol that we’re all part of something bigger — the Georgia Tech family. See what it’s like to be a part of our team.

Our student athletes, who are from over 10 states, bring a lacrosse IQ that is just as high as Georgia Tech’s academic IQ.  Being a Yellow Jacket, you will have the opportunity to compete on the national level striving for an invite to the national tournament each year. Off the field, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the greatest engineers and businessmen in the world. Our players take full advantage of many opportunities that Georgia Tech offers its students.

Adding to the collegiate experience is one of the country’s most recognized Co-Op programs, as well as over 120 study abroad options. These programs, utilized by many players, are there to expand your professional and cultural horizons and prepare you for life after graduation. Our players don’t just compete on the field, they also compete in academic competitions. In 2015, 2 lacrosse players won the prestigious Georgia Tech InVenture Competition. To watch the video click here and scroll forward to 18 minutes and you'll one of them in action (The other was unavailable as his job at Google had already begun)

At Georgia Tech, the freshman to sophomore retention rate is around 98% with the vast majority of our athletes graduating within 5 years, depending on if they Co-Op or study abroad. In the past six years, 100% of Georgia Tech Men's Lacrosse graduates have had job offers or graduate school placements before they graduate. This is a tremendous achievement! 

Do Georgia Tech graduates get jobs? Over the past eight years, our graduates have placed with companies like Google, SpaceX, Cisco Systems, Norfolk Southern, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Boeing, Delta, Proctor & Gamble, Northrup Grumman, NCR, and the U.S. Military (usually Air Force or Navy - surface, submarines and pilots).  And that is just a few!  In addition to giving you an idea of the professional options available to graduating Georgia Tech Lacrosse players, alumni at many of those companies are still closely tied to the team, and provide an invaluable support structure for players before, during, and after they begin their professional careers.

After reading this site ask yourself this:  Are you that one player on the team with a high GPA and test scores with a drive to become a world class engineer or a technically driven businessman?  Are your academic and professional goals different from your teammates?  Are you looking for best combination of engineering and lacrosse? 

Georgia Tech Men's Lacrosse exemplifies the student/athlete experience:   We are proud to be recognized as, at once, Smart Athletes and Athletic Students.   Come join us.