Want to be among the best? Well, we are among the best!  Did you know that we were named the #7 Public University or that we were in the top 5 engineering institutions in the US and top 11 in the world? Do you have a dream to build and design things? Well, at Georgia Tech, we also have the largest Invention studio in the US just for you.

Do you want to walk the halls and use the labs as former US Presidents, astronauts, CEO's of global corporations, Politicians, Nobel prize winners, military commanders once did? Our alumni are some of the influencial people that have shaped the world that you know. You can be next and join them.

Whatever you want, we’ve got it. With over 30 specialized degree programs at the undergraduate level you will be among the best engineers, scientists and future businessman in the world.

Our current team, made up of over 90% engineers, are involved in 13 fraternities, 27 clubs and organizations, 15 co-op recipients and they still maintain a team GPA of a 3.4. Oh, and they study abroad. These student athletes have drive and use all the resources allotted to them by the university to be successful and make the most out of their collegiate career.

There are 14 degree fields under the umbrella of the College of Engineering. All are ranked in the Top 10 of their particular field and all offer an out of this world experience.
Being at one of the most highly ranked engineering schools will teach you how to make use of all your available resources to be your most successful. Whether that help is from a teammate, a professor, a tutor or someone from the academic success center, there will ALWAYS be someone there for you. Our Academic Success center is located in the center of campus and next to the library. If you have watched the movie "Internship" with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn then you have seen this building and other noticeable features on campus, as it was filmed here.
As an future engineer, do you want to get practical experience as an engineer (and be creative) or just be theoretical? At Georgia Tech, we offer all students the oppourtunity to engage in their "own" space. The largest one of its kind in the US and evied by many other institutions within the US and around the world, this is where you as a student get to be creative, Check out the Georgia Tech Invention Studio.