Georgia Tech Alumni Association

Georgia Tech Alumni Association

Men’s Lacrosse Affinity Group Charter Revision March 1, 2017

The Georgia Tech Men’s Lacrosse Affinity Group is organized to provide alumni support and guidance for the undergraduate men’s lacrosse team, to promote and facilitate the engagement of faculty, staff, alumni, parents, students, prospective students and with the Men’s Lacrosse Team, and to support the Georgia Tech Alumni Association’s mission.


  1. Provide long term strategic direction to the undergraduate Lacrosse team and help maintain high quality and traditions year after year.
  2. Provide structure to allow greater engagement of Georgia Tech Lacrosse alumni with the current undergraduate team.
  3. Provide financial assistance to the undergraduate team through charitable giving programs.
  4. Support Georgia Tech Alumni Association goals and activities with the understanding that three of the Georgia Tech Lacrosse Affinity Group key goals are to increase active alumni engagement, Roll Call participation, and collect and share data.
  5. Facilitate social networking of undergraduate, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends/fans of Georgia Tech through Lacrosse team events.
  6. Assist the Georgia Tech Men’s Lacrosse team with recruiting, retention and program development.


The Georgia Tech Men’s Lacrosse Affinity Group welcomes Georgia Tech alumni whom are former players, parents of players, or alumni formally active in the Lacrosse community. Non-alumni are also welcome including, Georgia Tech Lacrosse Coaches and others interested in supporting the Georgia Tech Men’s Lacrosse Affinity Group.  Membership is national in scope.

Alumnus/alumna being defined as any one person who has matriculated at Georgia Tech and left in good academic standing.


An Advisory Board and two elected officers will manage the Georgia Tech Men’s Lacrosse Affinity Group.  Advisory Board members will be appointed or selected by the chair of the advisory board from the Affinity Group Membership.  Two officers will be selected by the membership with staggered terms. The officers shall include an Advisory Board Chairman, Director Alumni Teams and Communications, and an appointed Controller.  These officers shall hold their respective offices for three fiscal years or until their successors are elected and qualified.  The Alumni membership will be subdivided into “Alumni Era Teams” segmented in rough chronological order with an individual team lead appointed by the Director Alumni teams and Communications. All positions are voluntary without any form of compensation.

Operating Philosophy:

As a service organization dedicated to increasing the engagement of alumni, students and parents in promoting Lacrosse and Georgia Tech the affinity group will be structured to facilitate input, new ideas and volunteerism with a “bottoms up” approach.



Shall be the presiding officer at meetings of the Lacrosse Affinity Group and shall serve as the primary liaison with the Alumni Association and lacrosse team.  The Chairman shall act in the best interest of the Lacrosse Alumni Group and the Georgia Tech Alumni Association and strive to ensure that the overall mission and reputation of Georgia Tech is enhanced. Will chair the Advisory Board in a non-voting capacity. Elected position with a three-year term.

Director Alumni Teams and Communications

Shall Manage all Lacrosse Alumni Communications in conjunction with the Alumni Association and shall oversee the Alumni Era Team Leads. Member of the Advisory Board. Elected position with a three-year term.


The Controller shall provide audit services as required of Undergraduate Team Annual Budget and shall be the primary liaison with the Georgia Tech Foundation for the oversight of disbursement from the three (3) Lacrosse Foundation accounts to support scholarships and ongoing team operations. Member of the Advisory Board, appointed by the Chairman with a three-year term and must be a prior member of the Affinity Group.

Alumni Era Team Leads

Membership of the Lacrosse Affinity Group will be subdivided in rough Chronological order by “Eras” as follows:

1971-1976 Founders

1977 - 1986 Grant Fielders

1987 - 1994 Rambling Wrecks

1994 - 1999 First Champions

2000 - 2010 Band of Brothers

2011 - 2014 Competitors

2015 - New (To be Formed at end of 2017 Season)

Each Era team lead will be encouraged to foster participation from his team members and shall be responsible for team communications. The Team leads shall elect the Chairman and Director on behalf of their team membership. The Era Leads are voluntary and serve at will with no specific term and with the support of his team members. In the case of a dispute with more than one person aspiring for a team lead position, the Advisory Board will arbitrate and vote on the position for a one-year term.

Advisory Board 

Members of the Advisory Board shall be appointed by the Chairman and shall serve in a voluntary capacity without any operating liability. The Advisory Board will be focused on the strategic advancement of Lacrosse at Georgia Tech and in the community, best practices to ensure high integrity and fiscal responsibility of the team, enhancement of the Alumni Association and Georgia Tech Foundation missions, enhancement of sportsmanship and the Georgia Tech Mission, charitable giving, and a quality experience for the undergraduates (both team participant and general undergraduates), the team parents, visiting teams, fans, and Campus Recreation.  Specifically, the Advisory Board will approve end of year balances and reconciliation of any disbursements from the three charitable foundation accounts.


The communication activities will be primarily through the existing undergraduate team website, electronic biannual newsletter and email coordinated by the Georgia Tech Alumni Association.

Charitable Fund Raising and Undergraduate Financial Support

Three Foundation accounts shall be maintained:

            Alex Kiehl Scholarship Fund

            Men’s Lacrosse Operations Sustaining Fund

            General Lacrosse Fund